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Skin Palette 2 - Deep Skin & Correction

Terri Tomlinson Makeup 101

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Skin Palette 2 - Deep Skin & Correction
Skin Palette 2 - Deep Skin & Correction

A complete palette for deep complexions. 

6 colors of cream makeup in one palette designed for deep skins. There are 3 skin tones, a level 6, 7 and 9. A great range to mix and match most deep complexions. There are also 3 correctors, a poppy for blue-green discoloration (ash tones in the skin), an olive-brown for correcting red and a deep terracotta orange for blue correction. Meant to be mixed and matched to suit the needs of the skin. *This is fard creme which is a wax-based cream makeup. May be mixed with the Mixer to create a more creamy texture.

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