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HD Fluid Makeup - Select Colors on SALE!

Terri Tomlinson Makeup 101

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HD Fluid Makeup - Select Colors on SALE!
Sample of Color Range HD Fluid

HD Fluid Makeup is a medium to full coverage liquid makeup that gives a smooth velvety finish to the skin. Made for camera, this fluid looks very skin-like on the skin and gives a long wear. Can be powdered or worn alone for a more dewy finish. Silicone base with a touch of oil is what gives this fluid great coverage, long wear and a beautiful look. Comes in an acrylic screw top bottle with a pump. 

The numbers represent the level of depth and the name is a guide to color. **Please refer to colors on the swatch photo. 

  • Level 1 Ivory is the lightest fluid with a yellow undertone.
  • Level 1.5 NEW Light Olive is a light yellow-green. The most "neutral" of our light colors.
  • Level 2 Cream is the same depth as Ivory but with a yellow-orange undertone. Think "peaches and cream".
  • Level 3 Warm Beige is a medium beige with a yellow-orange undertone. Think soft suntan. This is our best selling color and is a step above "light".
  • Level 4 Beige is a medium beige with a warm-red undertone. 
  • Level 4.5 NEW Khaki is a medium depth with a yellow-green undertone. This is very neutral with olive. Think JLO.
  • Level 5 Tan is a deep beige with a warm yellow-orange undertone. *ON SALE!
  • Level 6 Olive is a deep beige with a yellow undertone. *ON SALE!
  • Level 7 Pecan is a deep brown with a warm-red undertone. *ON SALE!
  • Level 8 Ebony is our deepest brown with a cool red undertone. *ON SALE!

*Helpful hint: this is a professional makeup and must be washed off at the end of the day.

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