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The Flesh Tone Color Wheel®

Terri Tomlinson Makeup 101

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The Flesh Tone Color Wheel®
The Flesh Tone Color Wheel®

*The price of The Flesh Tone Color Wheel® will increase to $14 on October 1, 2023. 

Created by Terri Tomlinson, The Flesh Tone Color Wheel® is a tool and a guide for anyone who works with skin. As a tool, The Wheel shows examples for under tone, highlight, contour, analogous and complementary colors. As a guide the wheel allows the user to actively work the principles of color theory in neutrals, browns and skin! It is a game-changer. 

**INTERNATIONAL SHOPPERS: The Wheel may also be purchased from any of our authorized retailers. For a complete listing please visit: thefleshtonecolorwheel.com


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