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Pearl Eyeshadow

Terri Tomlinson Makeup 101

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Pearl Eyeshadows
Opal White Pearl Shadow
Champagne Pearl Shadow
Pale Gold Pearl Shadow
Baby Pink Pearl Shadow
Teddy Pearl Shadow
Silver Pearl Shadow
True Gold Pearl Shadow
Copper Pearl Shadow
Rose Pearl Shadow
Blue Pearl Shadow
Bronze Pearl Shadow
Moss Pearl Shadow
Mink Pearl Shadow
Charcoal Pearl Shadow

Pearl eyeshadows are very pigmented and have a shimmery quality. They are soft and so only a small amount is needed to achieve a nice reflection. Can be used wet or dry. All shadows come as an insert (metal "clam") with no outside packaging. They are shipped in a plastic sleeve. Great to place in larger palettes or individual compacts. We do sell a refillable compact for these inserts.


  • Opal White - white with an opalescence
  • Champagne - pale cream with pink-gold shimmer
  • Pale Gold - light gold
  • Baby Pink - fresh pale pink with a small amount of shimmer
  • Teddy - soft apricot with a warm peach shimmer
  • Silver - deep silver
  • True Gold - medium antique gold
  • Copper - medium orange with strong golden shimmer
  • Rose - medium rose with red-silver shimmer
  • Blue - medium blue with silver and bronze shimmer (think dragon scales)
  • Bronze - medium brown with red and gold shimmer
  • Moss - medium olive green with a red-gold shimmer
  • Mink - purplish-gray with a red-silver shimmer
  • Charcoal - deep gray with light silver shimmer

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