Makeup Events

Want to have a Makeup Event? Terri is happy to host your group or organization in a fun and educational atmosphere. Here are some of the formats Terri has utilized in the past.

Demo – Gather your group or organization at the studio and Terri will do a demo on something pertinent to your all. (Dramatic eyes, creating perfect skin, new colors, working with mature skin….) You all mingle, watch the demo, ask questions, and shop. Terri can offer a gift with purchase or some kind of special treat.

Education – Take a class!  Terri will work with you to pick the topic. She will discuss and demonstrate the topic and assist all participants while they practice at the makeup stations. All participants will receive a worksheet and color chart.

Makeup Party – Terri brings in makeup artists to work on the guests. We create a theme (Smoky Eyes for example) and Terri will demonstrate  the techniques  and “teach” them.  The ladies sit with an artist and have it done. Afterwards everyone looks fabulous and has learned something new!

Bridal Party – Many brides want to stage their events at the wedding venue and this is understandable of course. However makeup for weddings on-location can be costly and also hard to organize if your venue is small. At the studio we offer makeup and hair styling to both brides and their attendants. Many brides will bring in food and drink and make getting ready part of the event. There is plenty of space to relax, mingle, and come and go as you please. Terri can bring in as many artists as needed to take care of you, your attendants, mothers, and relatives. Talk to us about our bridal rates. We would love to help you look your best on your special day and make some great memories. *All bridal makeup is airbrushed unless otherwise specified.

Please contact Terri to discuss what works best for your group. Terri is a seasoned speaker and educator, bringing over 27 years of experience to her clients. All events and workshops are created to educate the consumer and de-mystify the “secrets” of the professional artist.