Shop The Look: Tweed

Winter-Spring 2019
This 2019 trend is classic with an edge. "Tweed" brings in the colors and textures of the 80's and smokes it up. The colors are classic, the shape and style are now. Neutral, simple, dark with a bit of danger. Pair with a baby pink flush on the cheek and a nude lip. 
Look comes with: Eyeshadows in Mink, Baby Pink, Champagne, Black, and black mascara. 
Application Details:
A modern smoky eye stays close to the lash line. This way from a distance your eyes are the focus and not your eyeshadow. Always keep the darkest part of the "smoke" at your lash line.
1. Apply Baby eyeshadow with a soft natural hair brush from lash crease.
2. Add Mink eyeshadow on outer corner of eyelid and blend in towards the pupil.
3. Add Pink Champagne on the lid, in the center above the iris and pupil.
4. Blend from the outer corner in until you like it.
5. Add Black along the lash line with a small detail brush. Smoke it up (by blending into the Mink) as much as you want.
6. Add 2-3 coats of black mascara, a pop of Baby to the apple and a beautiful nude lip