Why Wearing Blue Mascara is Smart

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Many people comment on my blue mascara. It is my "jam", part of my signature style. I have been wearing blue mascara exclusively for the last decade. When I have it on, people comment on my eyes and eye color. Without it...not so much.

Now, I have super white lashes and so blue really shows up on me. However, wearing blue mascara is smart regardless of your hair and lash color. Why you ask? Good question! 

Blue brightens white. Think nautical. Whenever you put a blue around something white, the white appears brighter! So when you put blue around the eyes, the whites of the eye appear brighter and whiter. Ahh, get it? If your eyes look more clear and white then your eyes "pop" and your eye color stands out. This can also be achieved with a pencil but I like to do it with mascara because your lashes naturally catch light when you blink.

Even if the blue doesn't show up on your lashes, it will brighten the eyes. We all love for our eyes to pop and look great and here is a way to do it without wearing more makeup. This is also great for summer because we tend to wear less makeup and want impact. Smart. 

My favorite blue mascara comes from France. I love it so much I have it manufactured for my line here at Makeup101. It reminds me of the old Lancome formulas from the 90's.