Oxygen in Skin Care is a fairly new concept. Oxygen facials have become popular as a way to plump and smooth the skin (supposedly Madonna uses them), and now I am seeing skincare products that have the benefits of oxygen added to them. They can do very different things based on the product. Let’s discuss!

Why should I be using Oxygen in my skincare routine?

Oxygen is used in non-invasive skin treatments and promotes healing.  It an option for people of all skin types including highly sensitized skin, and is an excellent choice for clients with problematic skin. Oxygen promotes new cell growth and helps to decongest pores. With the promotion of a faster cell turn-over rate, acne scars are healed faster and collagen production can increase. Cell turn-over keeps skin radiant, plump, and rejuvenated. There is no downtime with oxygen facial treatments so makeup artist will not need to worry about the skin reacting.

What would I use?

My staff and I have been playing with 2 skincare products that use oxygen, and have really enjoyed them. The first is Michael Marcus Cosmetics Oxygen Masque ($75). What I love is that you feel it working. Put a thin layer on clean skin and it will bubble and fizz! It tickles. Afterwards, my skin feels smooth, looks more porcelain, and plumped. I personally really like this as I see instant results.

The second product is from Twin Medix and is a cleaner with oxygen. This product is used to de-congest the skin and also bubbles. The skin feels clean and clear when you wash it away. I like to follow this with a nice rich moisturizer like my favorite Embryolisse Baum Riche (available online and here at the studio). This is a great product for a young skin. The Twin Medix web site is under construction, however I have a “contact” and can order it for you.

So to recap Oxygen in Skincare:

  • decongests skin
  • increases ability to hydrate
  • plumps
  • increases radiance
  • feels like a party on your face 🙂

*Please note that both of these products may be ordered through our studio. We also carry several Embryolisse items in our store.

Until next time,

Terri Tomlinson Dallas Makeup Artist

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Oxygen Cleaner

Oxygen Cleaner



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