Here are some great Makeup Resolutions to make for this new and beautiful 2015 year. We can always take things up a notch in our makeup whether that is in taking better care of ourselves with good skincare, or making sure we are using the best products for us. As a professional makeup artist I always start the year off with a good cleaning and re-organizing of my makeup kit. But as a “regular person” with a stuffed and un-organized makeup drawer, I tend to be less focused. The following will be great resolutions for all of us.

1. Clean Your Brushes. Simple and so right on the money. Your makeup brushes need to be cleaned at LEAST once a month. Every couple of weeks is great, but at least let’s get those puppies a bath once a month. It helps them last longer, gives you a much better application and keeps oil and bacteria off of your face.

2. Take Better Care of the Delicate Area Around the Eyes. Our eyes are where we show everything from lack of sleep, illness, stress, and emotions. People never comment on someones sad cheeks, it is the eyes. So this year you are going to take better care of them by: A) Checking your pillow to make sure it elevates your head higher than your body. I love my side-sleeping pillow from Brookstone and after a year of using it had a major  reduction in puffiness and darkness around the eyes. B) Finding and using a great moisturizing eye product. I have 2 I highly recommend from Embryolisse that can be purchased in the studio. The Magic Stick ($45) which helps to brighten, smooth, and hydrate the eye area and the anti-aging eye treatment cream ($55). I use the anti-aging cream at night and the magic stick mornings under makeup and during the day to refresh. Whatever you use it is important to use it.

3. Sunscreen EVERYDAY! It can’t hurt you so just do it. Sunscreen prevents pre-mature aging more than any other product you can use. It needs to be a separate product as you cannot rely on a makeup product for your sunscreen. Consider them extra. My fav is Ombrelle by Loreal which can be found online. I use 

5. Wear Blue Mascara. Or something fun. Have a good time, enjoy your life.

6. Update your routine. Hey, here is a completely unsolicited idea: try working with a professional makeup artist this year to update your look, learn something new, and see yourself in a better way. I love working with my private clients as we all get in ruts and something happens when a client learns a new way to see herself. Everything is about education for me, teaching new techniques and looking at our bone structure and faces objectively. Sometimes that is what you need to feel more confident and beautiful.

7. Get excited about Marsala! And why not, it is the color of the year according to Pantone. And, better yet it is actually a color that is easy to wear. A warm reddish-brown-plummy-wine color. I teamed up with fashion designer Finley to create a signature lip gloss for her collection. We were both so excited that what we created is so similar to “marsala”. I also have a new eyeshadow for 2015 in the same hue. Fun.

8. Do NOT talk to yourself in a negative way. A bit off the chart, but probably the most important resolution we can make for 2015. Be kind and love yourself, wrinkles and all. We all have worth, we are all special and beautiful. Treat yourself as you would treat someone you deeply care about.


Until next time, Terri Tomlinson Makeup Artist Dallas, Texas

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Terri Tomlinson- Makeup Artist based in Dallas, TX creating hair and makeup for print, film, video, runway, Television and the real world for over 20 years. She loves super natural, clean makeup, HD, and getting people “camera ready”. Terri owns Makeup Training Academy offering professional training to new and existing makeup artists. She consults on makeup for HD, speaks publicly, and serves as an on-camera Beauty Expert.