This time of year for me is all about the coming Fall and Fall Makeup Colors. Personally I love this time of year, I love boots and jackets and coats. I love football and fires and soup. I adore pumpkins. This is the time of year to be outside and active. As a professional makeup artist it is important that I understand what is happening in fashion each season and how it can translate to makeup. Over the next two weeks I’ll be introducing just that: what is happening in fashion and how to translate that into makeup.

First things first. Fall makeup color is almost always deeper and smokier than spring and summer. Some things don’t change. Fall is classically “navy”, “gray”, “plum”. Our skins get lighter as the sun is less bright and so we go more dramatic around the eyes and lips. Cheeks become flushed rather than “sun-kissed”. With the classic changes we see each season also come specific trends that are directly linked to what is shown on the runways. Pantone releases a forecast of popular colors each season based on the fabrics designers are purchasing and using. This along with what is trending in makeup currently give me the tools to forecast my own “looks” for the season.

So, let’s talk about Pantone and the Fall 2014 Color Report Forecast.

Fall Colors 2014 Pantone





One thing I noticed right away was that the colors are much brighter than what is typical of this time of year. Yes we see blue and gray and some oxblood. But this year there is that Orchid color that we didn’t really latch onto last spring as was forecast, along with yellow, lavender, and a pale neutral brown. I think this is a very unusual palette of colors. I like them! One of my favorite ways to combine color is to mix warm and cool tones. I love gray and yellow, love brown and lavender, adore red and purple! What fun one could have with a little “hootspa” so to say. It is certainly a young grouping as far as how modern it feels.

Let’s get started on each color individually.

Radiant Orchid – This was the color of the year in 2014 and yet I didn’t see it in clothing and certainly didn’t find a lot of it in the makeup world. In makeup this is a very hard color to wear. As a lip color it tends to go blue especially on camera and as a cheek or eye color can look a bit gray on the face. Not skin friendly. In fall, I can see a beautiful wool coat in this color or a suede boot. But all in all I don’t think this is going to be that popular.

Royal Blue – I love blue. It is so easy to wear. Navy can be a bit too dark sometimes and so a true royal blue is much easier to wear in clothing and makeup. I of course love jeans and so this is the color of almost every pair of pants I own! But also a great jacket or oxford shirt would suffice. In makeup a royal blue will make the whites of the eyes seem whiter and also give drama and “smoke” without going black. Suggestions in makeup could be a great blue shadow or mascara…. (see my new line “Terri Tomlinson” for both!) I also like the deep shimmer blue from Make Up For Ever. 

Aluminum- I love this gray. It isn’t the easiest to wear clothing wise perhaps if you think of it as “gray”. Think of it as a true neutral and put it with color. It isn’t too blue and it is light in tone. Great color for eye shadow, the best neutral eyeshadow! I think that almost every light to medium skin can benefit from having a good gray shadow. (My favorites are Terri Tomlinson “Gray/Taupe” and Bobbi Brown “Grey”).

Aurora Red- A great red as it isn’t too blue. It is a clear red. Great for a signature piece of clothing or accessory like a bag or coat. In makeup this is certainly a lip shade. Every woman should own a good red lipstick. It is like having a Spanx. You might not need it everyday, but you will need it at some point so have one handy. My favorite reds are Terri Tomlinson #9, and MAC Lady Danger.

How are you wearing color this fall? I’d love to hear from you.

In the next two posts we will go through the rest of the colors and I’ll debut 2 beautiful Fall Makeup Color Looks that I am designing.

Until next time, Terri Tomlinson Dallas Makeup Artist


Terri Tomlinson- Makeup Artist based in Dallas, TX creating hair and makeup for print, film, video, runway, Television and the real world for over 20 years. She loves super natural, clean makeup, HD, and getting people “camera ready”. Terri owns Makeup Training Academy offering professional training to new and existing makeup artists. She consults on makeup for HD, speaks publicly, and serves as an on-camera Beauty Expert.