What is good makeup? This is a very interesting question. Many would say that good makeup is subjective and different for everyone. However I disagree. A good makeup is a makeup that makes the wearer look better/prettier/more perfect. Otherwise, it is just paint on a face.

I was asked to do hair and makeup for a young lady recently for a special occasion. Most of the makeup work I do is for the production world, so special occasion makeup is always a fun “diversion”. However, since I do not work with many teens for special occasions I am not savvy on what is considered “dress-up makeup”. I have to say I was a bit shocked.

I always ask for direction when working with an individual. They know what they want to look like and so I am being hired to create their vision by using my skills as a professional artist. Most people want to be a little bit smoked up and polished for their special day. This was the direction I was given, however the pictures she had collected were ….how do I put this? They were pictures of bad makeup. I was shown several shots of half-black half-silver eyeshadow that winged out, and super thick foundation. Not pretty. And more importantly – not well done.

You might say that I am a old-school makeup snot. And perhaps that is true. If a makeup simply accentuates makeup, then it isn’t done correctively. A makeup is supposed to enhance the features and face it is placed on unless it is character driven. I practice and teach “corrective beauty makeup”. That means makeup that uses corrective techniques to enhance the natural beauty of a face.

Is You Tube and the plethora of “makeup artists” out there ruining the craft? Is reality TV redefining beauty? I would love your feedback on the matter. The more popular makeup artistry becomes the more strongly I feel I have to hold onto, defend, and pass along my “craft”. In many ways, the fundamentals of makeup have not changed since Max Factor developed the first foundation for black and white film. I love that old Hollywood lore and love the history of my profession. I wish more artists felt that way.

Back to my young lady. I explained what I thought a smoky eye was and what I thought would look best for her eye shape and she agreed. When I was done, I thought she was one of the most beautiful faces I had worked on. The makeup fit and enhanced her and she was glorious. Without a ton of black, without the wing, without a thick paste of foundation. Yes she had black shadow and lashes and highlight and contouring, but what showed was the person not the makeup.

Until next time, Terri Tomlinson makeup artist dallas

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Terri Tomlinson- Makeup Artist based in Dallas, TX creating hair and makeup for print, film, video, runway, Television and the real world for over 20 years. She loves super natural, clean makeup, HD, and getting people “camera ready”. Terri owns Makeup Training Academy offering professional training to new and existing makeup artists. She consults on makeup for HD, speaks publicly, and serves as an on-camera Beauty Expert.