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Lipstick Palette


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Lipstick Palette has 10 lipstick colors in a tiny palette. Great for travel and working on set. All lip colors are highly pigmented and long lasting. Can be mixed and matched to create a variety of colors. Sheer with gloss or balm, or “stain” by adding a liquid sealer. Can also be mixed with Rescue Palette colors to create an infinite range.

Also sold individually in tubes.

Colors: #1 Pink/#2 Nude/#3 Brick Red /#4 Rose/#5 Coral – #6 Sheer Plum/#7 Brown/#8 Orange/#9 True Red/#10 Bright Rose

Notes on each color:

#1 Pink is a bluer pink color, almost cotton candy.

#2 Nude has a warmth to it. Great for softening color of other lipsticks.

#3 Brick Red is the deepest and darkest of the reds, warm brown tone.

#4 Rose is the most perfect shade of red rose. Simply gorgeous. Some might call this a clear red with a hint of cherry.

#5 Coral is bright and true to color.

#6 Plum is a bit sheer and more purple than brown. Use to deepen other lip colors.

#7 Brown is a warm deep brown.

#8 Orange is a true orange that is not too yellow. Will not turn teeth yellow. Great to warm up other colors.

#9 True Red is a perfect cool red without being too blue.

#10 Bright Rose looks red but is really a vibrant pink rose color.

Terri Tomlinson- Makeup Artist based in Dallas, TX creating hair and makeup for print, film, video, runway, Television and the real world for over 20 years. She loves super natural, clean makeup, HD, and getting people “camera ready”. Terri owns Makeup Training Academy offering professional training to new and existing makeup artists. She consults on makeup for HD, speaks publicly, and serves as an on-camera Beauty Expert.


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